Charity Salesmen

Documentary, 73′, 2010 First Steps Award “Best documentary” Knocking on doors and asking for donations at private homes – this is the […]

Strike Blues

Short fiction, 20′, 2007 Award of the Bavarian Film Board, Regensburg Short Film Festival An industrial location in danger of being closed, […]

Distant Voices

Documentary, 63′, 2006 Zelig Award, Borderland Festival Bolzano Two love-stories. A film about love in a world of globalization. A film about […]

Bite Bite Bite

Short Documentary, 15′, 2004 Avid Award, International Documentary Film Festival Munich München Hansi is number three in his soccer team and the […]

The three sides of the coin

The white haired man at the next table observes me for a while. Then he grabs his beer and walks up to […]