The three sides of the coin

The white haired man at the next table observes me for a while. Then he grabs his beer and walks up to me. He is full of wit and irony. He speaks very good English. What are you doing in our village? Are you an alien? A spy? István Kohut is a retired chemist. He […]

How to make a film in a Roma settlement – 15 lessons I learned

Shooting in places where people are poor is always a tightrope walk. For my documentary Angry Buddha I regularly visited a Roma settlement in the Hungarian village of Sajókaza during three years. It was one of the toughest and most rewarding experiences of my life. Here are 15 lessons I learned. Have time. People will […]

Angry Buddha Director’s Statement

I spent more than three years shooting in the Romany settlement of Sajókaza. The first thing I had to learn was humility. Those people hate cameras. Permission to shoot was eventually granted by some families, albeit reluctantly, and was often withdrawn all of a sudden. I learnt to take things as they happened. I was […]