Distant Voices (documentary)

Documentary, 63′, 2006

Zelig Award, Borderland Festival Bolzano

Two love-stories.
A film about love in a world of globalization.
A film about people on the phone.

Cynthia comes from Ghana and Luis from Peru. They both live in Munich and love somebody living far away – back in their home country. As well as the usual difficulties of living as an immigrant in a foreign country, Cynthia and Luis need to manage the day-to-day problems of their long-distance relationships. “Distant Voices” is a film about the strange and unexpected situations which result from these relationships. Cynthia and Luis will need to be strong for their love to have any chance of survival.

Directed by Stefan Ludwig und Thomas Beckmann
Camera Thomas Beckmann
Music Martina Eisenreich
Produced by Bernard Michaux, University of Television and Film Munich