Rebellion in the Brothel

Stefan Ludwig's latest docu-drama: Rebellion in the brothel - Trafficking in women around 1900 (ORF/NDR/Arte). Using the example of a sensational court case in Vienna in 1906, the production reconstructs the international history of sex workers in the fin de siècle. The cast includes Maria Hofstätter (Braunschlag, Paradies: Liebe), Markus Schleinzer (Die Wannsee-Konferenz) and newcomer Alice Prosser (Corsage).

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Now on Netflix: Victims of the Vikings

Docu-drama about Findan and Melkorka, a brother and sister sold into slavery by Vikings

Adventurers, explorers and conquerors: the Vikings are considered the greatest heroes of the Middle Ages. Is this interpretation justified? In fact, they left a far darker and lesser-known mark on history: they were ruthless slavers, human traffickers and hostage-takers. „Victims of the Vikings“ is the first TV documentary to investigate this infamous and often horrifying aspect of the Nordic warriors.

Co-Produktion of Interspot Film, Abu Media, ORF, ZDF, ARTE, CT, and TG4 – funded by Fernsehfonds Austria and creative europe MEDIA

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Elisabeth - The Driven Empress

A docu-drama about the Austrian Empress Elisabeth starring Sunnyi Melles, produced by Metafilm/ORF/ZDF/Arte. Here is an English spoken trailer:

"Angry Buddha" available online

János Orsós is of Romani descent, a teacher, and a Buddhist. Inspired by the history of the Dalits or "untouchables" in India, birthplace of both Romani culture and Buddhism, he founded a school in a small Hungarian village with the goal of enabling teenagers from the poorest Romani ghettos to  attend  universities. Angry  Buddha documents  János' resolute battle against the difficulties he faces over three years, while simultaneously  painting affectionate yet honest portraits  of the Romani youth who use humour and their own vitality to survive in a world of poverty and prejudice. "Heart warming... full of touching moments... well worth seeing." Alexander Musik,

Watch online: Vimeo Realeyz


Born in 1978 in Eichstätt / Bavaria
Civil service in a nursing home in Berlin
Studies of Stage directing at the Max-Reinhardt-Seminar Vienna; degree in 2003
Studies of documentary filmmaking at the University of Television and Film Munich; degree in 2010
Freelance screenwriter, film director and TV journalist


“Particularly Good”

Rating for “Angry Buddha”  by the German Movie Rating Board


Best Documentary

for “Angry Buddha”

Five Lakes Film Festival 2016

First Steps Award

for “Charity Salesmen”


Film Board Bavaria Award

for “Strike Blues”

Regensburg Short Film Festival 2008

Zelig Award

for “Distant Voices”

Borderland Film Festival Bozen 2006

Avid Award

for “Bite Bite Bite”

Dokfest Munich 2005

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